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We are headquartered in Sonoma, California with agents all over the United States West. We offer our services and solutions in all 50 US States.

From display solutions for Walmart to industrial production facilities at Ikea the solutions, we create value to industrial and retail organizations and their customers.

Toys r US stores play video content 24/7 in their stores on our display screen solutions.

Sports equipment manufacturers like to  use the screens to display data on their fitness equipment and car rental company Herz uses the touch screens to enable customer's digital signatures when checking in at the front desk. Health care providers scan employees for fever and restaurants utilize the touch screen computers for check-in. In all verticals tremendous value is created for the customer.


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How temperature sensing technology can help your organization stay safer in Covid 19 times and flu season


Accentec Technologies uses German made infrared camera technology with precision software in combination with touch screen tablet terminals to provide touchless temperature screening solutions for businesses, schools, healthcare facilities, and other locations.

Vega X Smart Access Control tablet Accen


The Tauri temperature screening tablet comes in seizes 7 inch, 10 inch, 15 inch and 21 inch. It has a German sensor technology and screens at a speed of 1 person per second. 

The Vega X Gate Control system helps businesses and private home owners keep  track of all people entering and exiting the property and provides entry records. The motion sensors sense an Intrusion event and send an alert to the control panel. Ambient light sensors are utilized as backlighting controls for the Vega X. RFID allows objects and persons to be identified, located, and tracked. 

A 2-Mega-pixel Camera can be used for video recording and face detection

Ultron 15 Inch tablet.png



The ULTRON  is a commercial grade, multipurpose fixed tablet in sizes of 10 inch, 15.6 inch and 21.5 inch. The ULTRON has a fan-less design. The product is designed for long term commercial use.



From display solutions for Walmart to industrial production facilities at Ikea the solutions provide value to industrial and retail organizations.

Sports equipment manufacturers use the screens to display data and Herz uses the touch screens to enable customers digital signatures when checking in at the front desk. Health care facilities scan employees for fever and restaurants utilize the touch screen computers for check-in. In all verticals tremendous value for the customer is created.

According to the CDC and according to current knowledge,85%-99% corona sufferers have fever.

Companies and other institutions are currently planning to secure their premises by means of isolation gates for coronavirus prevention. Infrared cameras are attached to these gates, which automatically measure temperature differences of the persons passing through the gates via a thermal imaging function. In the event of an alarm, the temperature is measured again by a person specially assigned by the company. In some cases such systems have already been installed. On the way into the building, the system automatically and contact-free checks whether the person in question has an elevated temperature - one does not even have to stop.

There are three types of temperature scanners for monitoring human body temperature:

High visitor density scanners: These are temperature scanners designed for places where there is a massive influx of people. They can even analyze up to four people at a time through an automated process. They trigger alarms if a high temperature condition is detected. This type of device is ideal for places like casinos, airports, amusement parks, schools or sports facilities.

Medium traffic density scanners: These temperature monitors are designed for places where there is neither much nor little traffic. Medium traffic density scanners may require manual handling, but may also have automatic fever detection. A medium traffic scanner could be used in places such as the small hospitals, stores,  nursing homes or franchise restaurants. 

Low traffic density scanners: Low traffic density scanners are best suited for low traffic facilities. They are a cost-effective option and can be either stationary or portable. This is the type of temperature measurement device that most (if not all) small businesses and organizations should use. 

Accentec Technologies scanners are can be used in all three settings but are most useful in medium to high density settings. The automated Temperature Screening System Tauri is an automated and non-contact temperature screening system. Using this device at your site is one of the best ways to protect the health and safety of your employees, customers and visitors before dealing with anyone in your facility. In less than 1 second, this stand-alone device can effectively determine a person's temperature so there are no wait-lines. Visitors are not asked; they just have to smile at the camera! 

In order to use the Temperature Scanner effectively, it is important to follow all manufacturer's instructions to ensure that the system is set up correctly and placed where it can accurately measure the surface temperature of the skin. 

What you need is a temperature scanner capable of measuring human body temperature with high precision in real time. The measurement device from Accentec Technologies LLC is capable of triggering an alarm if a person with fever is detected or is not wearing a mask.

The advantage of infrared thermometers: The measurement is done within seconds and is therefore often the better alternative to the unloved measurement with a real thermometer, especially for children.

Accentec Technologies utilizes German-made infrared camera technology from Heinemann GmbH with precision software combined with touch screen tablet terminals to provide non-contact temperature screening solutions for businesses, schools, healthcare facilities and other locations. The technology can detect and measure people from a distance of 1 meter at a speed of 1 second per person and with very high accuracy. It can also determine whether the person is wearing a mask or not. An increased temperature leads to a visual and acoustic alarm signal. A body temperature screening can enable early detection of fever and infections.

 For many institutions that rely on temperature screening as an early indicator, individual screening of staff or the general public is the crucial first step, providing results almost in real time.Accentec Technologies Tauri Temperature Scanning Monitors are available in a variety of features and sizes to meet different applications and preferences. The 7-inch screen is designed for outdoor use with waterproof IP65 front glass technology and dual camera and can be combined with access control systems. Measurement results are generated within 1 second.The temperature screening monitors are available in 7 inch, 10 inch, 15 inch and 21 inch sizes, which is a unique feature in the market

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