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Flywheel Home Bike Touch Computer

Operator of a bicycle fitness boutique brand. 
The company's gym offers a differentiated, data-driven and highly intensive cardio workout through an indoor cycling concept that focuses on physical intensity and performance measurement, allowing riders to get the most out of their training by measuring their performance, setting personal goals and tracking progress over time.

The Problem

The bicycle company needed to address a new target group of customers, people who are motivated by the group training but who do not want to leave their homes for it.

How can they bring their studio group cycling experience to the site EVERYWHERE?

How can we safely and securely integrate a touch screen tablet into the bike that can stream live courses and collect data via a Bluetooth connection to the tablet to display the rider's performance and provide an instant, motivating group training experience anytime.

The Solution

Nebula 15.6" and Nebula 21.5" are best suited for integration into indoor bikes, treadmills or water rowers to provide this immersion into a cohesive fitness experience.

Technological challenges solved:

1. optimization of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, speakers and system rearranged to provide stable streaming of live classes, accurate data and participant registration

2. enabling over-the-air updates of custom ROMs, applications, so that there are continuous improvements to systems and applications without having to be physically on site.

3. ensure recovery from failed updates and other unexpected events.

4. optimizing the operating system to increase GPU acceleration.

5. perform vibration testing to ensure the performance of touch screens on fitness equipment.

6. sleep/wake on tap/pedal

End-user challenges solved:

1. no travel time for the way to training.

2. customers can train at any time if they want.

3. motivating, stimulating instructors for the classroom.

4. drivers can track their performance, calorie consumption, heart rate (heart rate monitor required) and comparison with other drivers on the screen.

5. you can challenge other people you know and who have the same fitness equipment

6. the wide range of live and recorded energetic workouts that you can access whenever you are ready.


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