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MP-A40 Mobile Printers

  • High Reliability

  • Drop rating: 2.0m (6.6feet) multiple

  • IP rating: IP54

  • Operating temperature: -20°C to 50°C

  • Wide variety of driver and SDK for mobile equipment

  • Simple operation

  • Stylish design

Small MP-A40 Mobile


  • Thermal line dot printing

  • Roll paper, Label roll paper

  • Codepage (17 pages), Katakana character set,
    User-defined character, Downloaded character,
    Optional font, JIS 1st and 2nd level Kanji, Special characters

    PDF417, QR Code, MaxiCode, Data Matrix, GS1 Databar

  • Option: Specified AC adapter, Li-ion battery

  • USB, Bluetooth® *1

  • ESC/POS™ conformity, CPCL conformity, HTML command

  • 2.0m (6.6feet) multiple*2

MP-B20 Mobile Printers

Small MP-B20 Mobile Printers

This extremely compact and lightweight 2” Bluetooth® mobile printer meets the trend towards
greater mobility at an attractive price. It is compatible with the latest operating systems
including Windows®, iOS® and Android™.

The mobile printer comes with the Battery Pack, USB cable, Belt Clip and a sample Thermal Paper
roll included. An optional cradle for quick and easy charging is available.

The features of MP-B20 perfectly meet the requirements of vertical mobile markets such as
retail, hospitality, healthcare and any kind of ticketing application.


  • Very small and lightweight

  • 80mm/s printing speed

  • Withstand drops of up to 1,5 meters

  • USB style battery charger

  • Color option: Black, White

  • Optional cradle

  • Print Service for Android

MP-B30 Mobile Printers

Small MP-B30 Mobile Printers

MP-B30 (3") completes our MP family consisting of MP-B20 (2") and MP-A40 (4")

This 80mm thermal direct receipt printer works reliable even in tough environmental conditions. It withstands drops of up to 1,80m (6 feet), has an IP54 protection rate and operates at temperatures of -20 to +50°. At the same time it is very light weight, weighing only 395g including the battery. Connectivity options include BT, WiFi and USB. Easy Bluetooth pairing is supported via NFC. Comprehensive accessories such as a cradle for charging, a car charger etc. are optionally available. 

The MP-B30 is ideal for a variety of applications, such as hospitality, retail, warehousing, field sales or public transportation.

The mobile printer comes with AC Adapter, Battery, USB cable and Belt Clip.


  • Compact & Lightweight

  • 1,8m (6 feet) drop rate

  • IP54 protection

  • NFC for easy BT pairing

  • 127mm/s max print speed

  • Bluetooth or Wifi and USB

  • Optional cradle for charging​

  • Print Service for Android

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