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A World of IoT Connectivity Options – Simplified

Get IoT network coverage that’s everywhere you need it − with unified management and robust automation to make operations easy.


Multi-carrier connectivity gives you the coverage you need but the overhead you don’t. Accentec Technologies can help.


Performing manual network tasks and updates increases your management cost and overwhelms. Accentec Technologiescan help.


With the reach and scalability of today’s IoT deployments, it’s unlikely that one network can meet your needs. Accentec Technologies can help.

Simplify operations and accelerate deployment with a single view of your entire IoT world.

Getting the coverage you need often means managing multiple carriers and contracts – and that can make things complicated. To simplify things, Accentec Technologiesoffers a single platform that gives you all the tools you need to manage your IoT data plans in one place. From comprehensive provisioning to connectivity management, rate plan information, usage monitoring, and cost control, our advanced management platform covers it all.

Multiple IoT data plans let you break free from single-carrier strategies that don’t provide the coverage you need or support the devices your customers want – without adding complexity.

Launching an IoT service once meant choosing a single coverage plan or sacrificing simplicity. As the largest single-source provider of IoT connectivity solutions, Accentec Technologies gives you access to more than 24 global carriers and a single platform that can manage them all. That means you’ll be able to choose the best service plans for your IoT application – and change them up at any time. 

Differentiate your IoT solutions at a competitive cost – with the right connectivity type for every application and the ability to evolve as technologies change.

To provide the reach and resilience today’s IoT services require, businesses often need more than one connectivity type. That’s why Accentec Technologies offers a full suite of cellular options such as 3G and 4G LTE – including low-power LTE technologies such as Cat-M and NB-IoT – with IoT data plan sizes that range from pay-per-use to upwards of 100Gb, as well as satellite options for applications that require it. So whatever your connectivity requirements are, we can help you meet them and manage them all from a single platform.

Stop small problems from becoming big ones – while keeping costs from piling up.

No matter how many devices and sensors you have deployed, managing their data consumption by hand is a recipe for high expenses and low staff productivity. Accentec Technologies offers sophisticated management capabilities such as proactive threshold alerts and automated troubleshooting tools that make it fast and easy to address any network-related issues and ensure optimal performance for every IoT device.

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