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Willapa Medical Clinic: temperature screening 

Temperature Screening Kiosk Screen speeds up registration process, helps to limit COVID 19 exposure at Willapa Medical Clinic

The leading provider and manufacturer of commercial-grade touch screen computer solutions, is streamlining the check-in process for Willapa Medical Clinic - formerly Pacific Family Health Center - in South Bend, Washington. The rural medical practice selected the patent-pending TAURI intelligent self-service temperature monitoring tablet to quickly scan incoming patients and guests for fever to limit exposure to possible cases of COVID-19.

"As a healthcare provider, we need to see patients who are potentially infected - whether with COVID-19 or influenza - and at the same time protect those who are waiting to be seen," said Mary McAllister, director of rural health at Willapa Medical Clinic. "Before we had to reach through the registration window to take everyone's temperature with a timpani thermometer. That was cumbersome and required a lot of contact. With TAURI patients and visitors can scan themselves as soon as they enter. This has accelerated our registration process and made it easier for our aging patients, who we sometimes had trouble reaching".

TAURI combines  expertise in designing and programming commercial tablet solutions with leading sensor hardware to create a fast, worry-free and healthy experience. Patients simply walk up to the tablet and it intelligently recognizes their face and scans their temperature from a distance of up to one meter. Results are delivered in less than three seconds. The tablet's sensor and body heat algorithm ensure temperature accuracy with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit (+/- 0.3 degrees Celsius) and a 64 Hz update rate.

For Willapa Medical Clinic, the device eliminates the need for another person to perform scans and prevents any skin contact. This enables the healthcare provider to quickly assess the next steps for check-in. When a temperature is detected, staff will hear the special gong that lets them know that the patient must be taken to an examination room immediately. The tray can be programmed with a special message indicating what the patient should do next, e.g. "Please follow a staff member into an examination room". This helps to limit cross-infections in waiting rooms.

In addition, organizations can use the TAURI temperature screening kiosk to determine if a person is wearing a face mask and then display a reminder on the screen. Every day, at the beginning and end of their shift, employees must record their temperature. Using the facial recognition feature of the tablet, Willapa Medical medical staff can have their temperatures scanned and recorded to ensure compliance with COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

 TAURI's temperature screening kiosk was created for facilities such as Willapa Medical Clinic, where receptionists must perform initial admissions before doctors can begin their evaluation. It can provide them with the information they need quickly and in a contactless manner, allowing them to determine the best course of action to limit potential exposure to COVID-19 and other viruses.

The TAURI temperature control kiosk is available at selected authorized distributors like Accentec Technologies LLC worldwide. Accentec Technology LLC  offers technical support for all TAURI products in North America. More information about Accentec Technologies LLC is available at

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