Telecom and Utility Companies using Mobility Tablets

By leveraging new technologies, robust Windows tablets can address telecommunications scenarios that other forms of technology simply cannot. Windows tablets are uniquely capable of simplifying your technology toolset by consolidating many tasks onto a single device.

Rugged tablets allow technicians and CSP salespeople to perform all of their important tasks in the field or in the retail store - without the need for a second device.

Signature and data capture: With a Windows 10 tablet with touch capability and stylus, field technicians can digitally capture important information without having to make a paper copy or upload data to a laptop.

Specialized devices: with Windows 10 tablets, technicians can have a "no compromise" experience - no more trade-offs between productivity and convenience; technicians no longer need both a rugged laptop and a cell phone. In rugged form, Windows 10 tablets can replace specialized devices and provide all the productivity, convenience and mobility required for CSP technicians. Users can access all their files, the new Windows 10 interface provides at-a-glance access to important data, and apps are always on and always connected to keep you informed.

Windows 10 tablets can improve collaboration while reducing the amount of time field technicians actually have to spend in different locations. And sales reps can complete tasks on the sales floor without being tied to a counter or desk - improving customer service and increasing employee productivity.

Desk: Windows tablets allow functions that a sales associate, store manager or field service technician traditionally performs on a PC to be completed "on the go" in the store or in the field. Windows 10 enables sales reps and field technicians to effortlessly switch between desktops and devices, so installation manuals, product and service details, customer data, and back-end systems traditionally viewed on a desktop are also available in the branch or on the road.

Point of Service: Windows tablets are increasingly being used to replace stationary point-of-sale (POS) and service terminals, allowing employees to complete transactions on the floor. These tablets prompt customers to make purchase decisions in real time by allowing employees to process transactions while remaining in contact with the customer. Enabling these immediate transactions can help reduce transaction times and dramatically improve the customer experience.

No other productivity solution and choice of devices is as broad and integrated. With Windows tablets, you can consolidate.